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3502 1105 24/11/17 - Steve Bailey, Bristol, UK
Good fun remembering what we used to do!
3501 1222 21/11/17 - Malc Anderson
Pointed to this site when looking for info re placement of signals for model railway layout. So far has answered my queries..excellent.
3499 2032 15/11/17 - Terry A Booker, POOLE, UK
Super site, John. Very helpful for my recent book on modelling signal boxes and infrastructure...many thanks.Now looking for images of the wartime replacement box following the air-raid at Castle Carey.Modern pics show the same size as Lansdowne but less windows and less attractive. "Keep on looking....!"
3498 1420 08/11/17 - Nicholas Evans, Diamond Creek, Australia
Came across this site a number of hours ago... Still reading.. And i must admit, i am now further addicted to the abundance of information available all in this one spot. Magnificent in every respect. Great to see the expansive history in signalling is still very much appreciated. Still plenty of it all left in the world, including in Australia. Thank you to all of whom contribute factual information on the histories of Railway systems on this site.
3497 0801 27/10/17 - Derek Watts, Hinckley, Leicestershire
A very enlightening site with an enormous amount of information which has taken me back to my younger days when I was employed on the LMS at Burton on Trent.
3496 1952 15/10/17 - Dan Oliver, Kent, UK
What a brilliant site!
3495 0402 14/10/17 - Michael bissett, Springwood, Australia
Great site im a former Area controller grade i. Was home stationed at Parkes.
3494 1354 01/9/17 - David Skeates, Guidlford, United Kingdom
Excellent site, vast amount of data and well presented
3493 1123 10/8/17 - Michael Bridge, Buxton, Norfolk, UK
Thank you for providing information settling a discussion (argument) between me and my CME at the Bure Valley Railway.
3492 1047 18/7/17 - Fred sharples, preston, englwnd
What a great site. used to work preston number 1.4.5 signal boxes. Most of my time at number 5. 1964 to 1968.
3491 0829 12/6/17 - William Barter, Towcester, Northamptonshire
John, The drawing of Westerham New Box is interesting. Westerham never existed in the form show we can be sure, so it must be a scheme that did not progress. Two features stand out: * Putting the box adjacent to the booking office. This looks like cutting out the clerk and making it a porter-signalman job, with the signalman issuing tickets. Not sure about now but back in the 70s there were still places like this on the SR; * Providing an advanced starter. I beleive in the 1930s the timetabe deamnded two trains in quick succession in the evening peak from Dunton Green. But before Westerham could accept the second, the first had to have arrived and been shunted to the yard, as with the starter on the end of the platform, the shunt move would occupy the single line. With an advance starter as shown, I expect the shunt could take place with the second train on its way. It does not show the crossover from the run-round road to the goods shed road beyond the shed. This as taken out about 1935 as far as I can tell, possibly the only bit of this scheme to go ahead. Hope all is well with you. Regards, William
3490 1719 29/5/17 - Graeme Simmonds, Pontypridd, Wales
Are you still using the green ink?
3489 2052 02/5/17 - Peter Meekin, Greater Manchester
Been here ages ago but never got round to signing the Train Register. Even more informative than I remembered. :-)
3488 1421 20/4/17 - Nigel Moody, Poole, Dorset
Very interesting, have visited before but must have missed the Train Register. will be back.
3487 1454 14/4/17 - mike durell, lenham, kent england
Came onto this site many years ago,,, but not kept in touch,,, Ive returned and still enjoyed
3485 1408 18/3/17 - Alan Phillips, Newcastle upon Tyne
Stumbled across this "box" whilst researching the history and types of railway signalling for a college assignment. It has been bookmarked and will be returning many times I suspect! A very useful site indeed
3484 0244 28/2/17 - Steve Ethell, Knights Hill N.S.W., Australia
Many thanks for the detailed info on signaling. I think that it will be invaluable when it comes to doing the signals on my yet to be completed OO gauge model train layout.
3483 1130 27/2/17 - doug pearson, Lytham St. Annes, Lancashire
I am looking for train timetables for 1965. Wakefield Kirkgate to Horbury Junction. Would to grateful to speak to anyone who might help
3482 0936 27/2/17 - Mike Crouch, Bideford, UK
Looking to construct a Home& Distant signal Gantry to advertise an exhibition of Bideford Appledore & Westward Ho! railway that closed in 1917.
3481 0206 27/2/17 - MICHAEL, Newton Abbot, UK
Learning all about signalling before volunteering with the South Devon Railway. Excellent pages !
3480 0952 23/2/17 - Peter Read, Dunedin, New Zealand
Currently building a GWR layout and looking for ideas. Great site!
3479 0755 17/2/17 - Brian Hooper, Axbridge, England
Any info on Thames Wharf Jcn SB and signalmen
3478 1414 10/2/17 - Hessel Franssen, Haaksbergen, Nederland
Hello John, May I ask your help here? (I lost your email address). We have met years ago at Butterley together with Rush Ashmore. I looking for copies (to study or buy) of the Metropolitan City Widened Lines Regulations for Train Signalling of 1914 (Lock & Block) and 1924 (Track Circuit). Kind regards, Hessel
3476 2136 04/2/17 - Derek Tabot, Sheffield, UK
Hello to Ray Jones of Sandy. Regarding your entry about Hitchin. Jack Wooton was my Uncle and we use to visit regularly(his wife was my fathers sister). His son David was at Hitchin South, ending his days in Kings Cross PSB. I remember Ron(Buddy) Hawkins at the Yard Box. I probably saw you at Cadwell as I spent many happy hours spotting there in the early 1960s. Remember George Howe as well? FU HC HF CW Happy Days! Regards, Derek
3475 1511 03/2/17 - Ian Ings, Wakefield, West Yorkshire
I started as a Second Man at the Cross in 1976 when my partner Alf Broadhead went into the new power box, so knew Ted Bosnal and Ted Nye. Worked the block enders into Moorgate via the widen lines and out via hotel curve. I progressed to return in 1996 as Station Manager. Just found this site which I think is great.
3474 1524 25/1/17 - raymond jones, Sandy Beds, UK
Just wondered if anyone remembers these names from the hitchin area 1962 - 1975 My first box as telegraph lad Sandy. John Turner, Sid Emerson,Ted Bosnal,Ron Hitchcock. Then Hitchin South. Harry Hallows, Jack Wootton, Then Hitchin Yard Ron Hawkins, George (The Vicar) Wakefield, Don Kirby. My 1st Box as signalman Cadwell, Alan Featherstone then back to Hitchin Yard as signalman, My DI Ted Nye. Relief men l knew Roy Revel,Sam Barber, Mick Harmer, Stan Crouch,,,,Cheers
3473 0213 23/1/17 - Frank Kemp, Pitt Meadows, British Columbia Canad
My Father was a Signalman on the LMS Cricklewood, some days my Mother & I would take his lunch to the Signal box and he would allow me to pull one of the Signal levers probably against all rules & regulations! This was at least 78 years ago and I can remember wondering how my Dad made sense of all the different gongs and his use of the key to send transmit signals During the War my Father was given a Enfield 303 rifle to defend the box against German Paratroopers, do not think he would have stood much chance, the top part of the box was just wood & glass Happy menories
3472 2113 16/1/17 - Gordon Mitchell, Westhoughton
This is a truly impressive resource. I am working my way through it slowly and learning a great deal as I go. Thanks for that opportunity!
3471 1828 14/1/17 - Alastair MacIntosh, Perth, Scotland
Just found your diagrams for Larbert South, which are of great interest. Very informative site, thanks
3469 1459 09/1/17 - Chris Thornton, birmingham, west midlands
Just found you excellent website. What a revelation, I am on my 1st model layout & can now understand how to signal it etc.Thanks, keep up the good work.
3468 1551 06/1/17 - Graham Sullivan, Dereham, Norfolk
Thank you for a most informative site. Can I just mention that when I tried to access your site my Kapersky would not allow me access as it stated your certificate belonged to another site! Sounds like a case of Wrong-Line working. So here I am applying rule 55....
Ed note - I am not aware of any issues with the site, which does not use SSL and therefore does not require a certificate. However, you will get such errors if you access the site using (incorrectly) https in the web address.
3467 1843 05/1/17 - Will Litchfield, Holmes Chapel, UK
A veritable mine of useful information for the serious railway modeller. Thank you
3466 0156 27/12/16 - Brett Ballard, Owensboro, Kentucky, USA
Excellent site. The track layouts are very inspiring for modelling.
3465 2046 17/12/16 - mark bradshaw, cairneyhill, uk
S&T Boss at shed 47 railway restoration group. fantastic site, what a wealth of information, thanks guys.
3464 2128 14/12/16 - Wetdog FBK, Barnsley, Yorkshire
Great site, keep up the good work
3462 0546 03/11/16 - Robert Purcell, Redcliffe, Australia
Hi there....great resource signalling in all its forms is interesting. My favourite subject is mechanical signalling. I am building my own 400mm gauge railway and must have some semaphore signals..all the best.
3460 1957 08/10/16 - Ian Blair, Staffordshire Moorlands, UK
Excellent site for reference and general railway education.
3459 1717 08/10/16 - Jonathan Samways, East Grinstead
Return visit to look at some West Wales boxes after a couple of days covering lines in that part.
3458 2259 07/10/16 - David Moore, Lowdham, Nottinghamshire
Brilliant site. May I suggest a couple of changes? On the Lever 6 Museums page, the link to the St Albans South website is incorrect. It should be This link could also usefully be added to the Lever 16 Links page.
3457 0104 04/10/16 - Ken Hannah, Richland, Washington, US
New to UK trains topics but am digesting the 1960s Beeching Report and following the plight of your UK Heritage Rail systems. // Hoping to see resolution of US oil shipping issues here on Columbia River rail network served by BSNF and UP
3456 2151 24/9/16 - Andy Hides, Grantham, Great Britain
Just to record that Lowdham SB will 7-5-5 (close) for good on Monday 3rd October 2016, after 120 years service. As ever this sight continues to be a valauble resource for all things signalling related.
3455 1826 16/9/16 - Steve Crawshaw, LEEDS, West Yorkshire
A rite gud read!
3454 1532 31/8/16 - Mike Lewis, Irchester, England
stumbled across your website searching for info on GCR and was pleased to see the name Chris Bellett as a main contributor. I have happy memories of working with Chris at Waterloo.
3453 0720 12/7/16 - graham mullis, manchester, uk
revisiting the site and it is as good as ever. used to be a signaller years ago on BR Southern. Started at Godstone and ended at Waterloo. Does anybody remember Frank Pacey who used to be the signals instructor on SR. I am hoping he is still with us, he used to be Station Master at Appledore also

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