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3550 1320 12/6/19 - John Bradbeer, Beaworthy, Devon
Just found the site. Very interesting and useful. My extended family included several signal men (all Southern Railway).
3549 0008 05/6/19 - Alan Crombie, Pitlochry, United Kingdom
Pitlochry and Dunkeld Signal Boxes have just (last month) been decommissioned and the semaphore signals replaced with LEDs. I believe they were last semaphore signal boxes in the commercial UK system. However I was routed here by one of my students who was referring to you while writing about cyber security - Victorian Engineering logic is still useful in the 21Century
3548 2222 01/6/19 - Luke Belger, Kent
I have a massive interest in Railway Signalling and this website is one of the reasons for that. It has led to me joining the K&ESR as a Crossing Keeper and Trainee Signalman!
3547 1431 21/4/19 - Nicholas O’Neill, United Kingdom
Excellent site with really useful information.
3546 0650 29/3/19 - David Brydon , Hastings, New Zealand
A very good resource, helped my modelling of a signal box alot. Thanks
3545 2108 26/3/19 - Andrew Bousfield, Middlesbrough, England
Excellent resource for the novice seeking historical and future developments.
3544 1328 26/3/19 - mick mckay, framfield, uckfield, england
nice site, shame there is not more southern region pictures, nice to see reigate and shallford, both boxes that i have done turns in.
3543 0117 25/3/19 - Steven Bell, Hawes, North Yorkshire
Started working at Garsdale Head and Blea Moor signalbox in April 2019....
3542 1454 20/3/19 - Robin Archer, Guelph, Ontario, Canada
Very informative website. A great resource for planning my signalling on the GWR Yatton Junction. Wish the forum was working!
3541 1908 01/3/19 - Kevin Weston, Westbury, Wiltshire
Why is it, after many years of visiting this site, I can no longer access the track diagrams?
3540 2342 20/2/19 - Nick George , Leicester , UK
Fantastic, thoroughly informative website; The Signal Box has been recommended by the Great Central Railway signalman training team as a tool to assist in our learning process for the 2019 course!
3539 1100 18/2/19 - barry dixey, northampton, northamptonshire
What a great resource a mine of information, I particularly like the social history aspect of the site, "Mrs Kathleen Willingham" working near Colchester for a pittance, how times have changed and rightly so.
3538 0822 01/2/19 - Julian Robinson, Filey
Excellent site. Building 00 gauge layout and needing info on signals. How things have changed in 50 plus years.
3537 1828 23/1/19 - Adrian Roberts, Alfreton, Derbyshire
Very interesting site. Came on looking for Oxmarsh lane crossing box as working on a 00 scale model of the box and crossing at the moment
3536 0332 02/12/18 - Dominick Rutkowski, Mount Wolf, PA, United States
While I am American, I feel like a true brit when it comes to trains and railways
3535 1449 29/11/18 - Andrew Thompson, Leyland, UK
Just browsing and refreshing myself before I have my Crossing Keeper re-test on Saturday at Damems on the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway. There is just so much interesting stuff here on this website - Thanks.
3534 2104 21/11/18 - Alistair Nisbet, Brackley, UK
Good evening John I have another article prepared for Backtrack magazine in which railwaymen on the NBR and Scottish Midland Junction in the 1850s ignored rules and caused fatal crashes. Rules ignored related mostly to signalling and it would be useful to be able to include illustrations of the types of signal which might have been used at the locations concerned. Do you know of any source of images which might fit the bill short of copying from a book ? I guess they might have been of the turning bar or disc variety but cannot be sure.
3533 2149 08/11/18 - keith williams, swansea, UK
have visited previously, but not signed book.
3531 1621 04/11/18 - Stewart Irving, Greystones, Ireland
Fascinating site. I have just started modelling a section of the GWR, so the info is invaluable. Thanks for all the effort that went into this site.
3530 0910 02/11/18 - Geoff Blyth, Billericay, Essex
I have been making use of the material here for some time without signing the register, which is no doubt an infringement of the rules! Thank you John for all your work and for allowing us to use it from time to time in Branch Line News.
3529 2349 20/10/18 - Calen Eledh, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK
I came across this site looking for information on signals, and ended up learning a lot more besides. A very interesting and informative site. Thank you for all the great work!
3528 1941 16/10/18 - Ross Angel, Padova, Italy
I am starting to model SR after a long break, so a great resource! And the photos bring back memories of 1970s around Redhill and Reigate. Thanks!
3527 1556 03/10/18 - Barry Keens, Toodyay, Western Australia
Back again in WA after a nice 6 year break in UK visiting many signal boxes. Some on the day they closed. so sad to see so many going/.
3526 2200 21/9/18 - Anthony Fothergill, Bury St Edmunds, UK
Great site. Trying to find info on MY signal lever I bought at an Auction.
3525 1610 10/9/18 - Ray Butler, West bromwich, U K
The signal box is a very good and interesting site,I like looking at the old station layouts
3524 1719 28/8/18 - paul wilson
great site as always, its been a while since I signed the book so here I am now. currently signalling on 2 heritage railways and will be soon starting on my 3rd along with a simulation box up in crewe.
3523 1841 01/7/18 - Hazel Brooks, Tipton, West Midlands
Old railway signalling was a passion of mine many years ago and it has just risen its head again so I went surfing (as they say these days) and look what I found! Glad to be here, will have a good delve later.
3522 1254 19/6/18 - James Leigh, Strathalbyn, South Australia
Volunteer S&T worker with the SteamRanger Heritage Railway in South Australia. Also operate a model railway with a very complicated electric lever frame.
3521 1058 07/6/18 - Stephen Rhodes, York, North Yorkshire
First class site, fortunately recently retired with time to spent searching this site.
3520 2058 21/5/18 - Christopher Tobaras, Dublin, Ireland
Be right back with you, blasted weather freezing those signals again!
3518 1610 01/4/18 - Ian Pritchard, Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands
An incredible and essential source of invaluable research information, fantastic database!
3517 1056 18/3/18 - SUMIT SIMLAI, GHAZIABAD, INDIA
I have found this website so useful for several years that I keep going back to it every now and then. I am now trying to prepare a compilation of all signalling related stuff from various sources including this one, for my personal study. The compilation is in pdf format but it would have been good to find MS Word versions so that I could format it my way for easy reading. Keep up the good work.
3516 2038 13/3/18 - Charles DeSol, Philadelphia, U.S.
Referred here by "Diesel Railcar Simulator" tips messages. What an amazing source of info!
3515 0609 12/3/18 - Ron Bean, Hockley, Essex England
A very interesting subject, I have learned quite a bit about LNER signals etc. Will be referring to it quite often
3514 0602 11/3/18 - Geof James, Redland Bay, Queensland 4165; Australia
An LMS man at heart....but I do like the former Great Central Railway!
3513 1810 09/3/18 - Viswanath Varanasi, Hyderabad , India
We recently took up a 33 KM Doubling Project At Bhimavaram which involves S&T , P Way , OHE and Civil Works . As this subject is new to me I was trying to understand how S&T functions as it is first job we have to carry out before any other job Great Site and very well presented V. Viswanath
3512 1159 28/2/18 - Theo Thomas, Bedford, ----
Looking for guidance on drawing a signal box diagram
3511 1559 19/2/18 - Duncan Stott, Bolton, Lancashire
Research visit for Design job at Blackford SB
3510 0219 17/2/18 - Ross K Beetlestone, wadhurst, -
Really useful website.
3507 1807 21/1/18 - Christopher Allanson, Haywards Heath, West Sussex
Stumbled over this site while searching for info on where to place signals on my layout. What a wonderful resource! I can see I shall be coming here often. Thanks for all your hard work.
3506 0046 09/1/18 - David Foulsham, Bishops Stortford, UK
searching web for information concerning signalling for model railway, now I cannot keep away, excellent site, thanks to all who have put this together.
3505 0924 25/12/17 - Col Kay, Mt Lewis, Australia
Happy Christmas Signaler How did you end up with this shift?
3504 2310 21/12/17 - Tony Joyce, REDCAR, U.K.
Have looked through this wonderful site many times and become so immersed in reading this wealth of information, the clock just ticks away. Thank You to all involved in running, maintaining and contributing to it.
3503 1552 12/12/17 - Alistair Barrie, Edinburgh, Midlothian
Looking for diagrams for Forres signal cabins circa 1961. Very impressive the information that is available.
3502 1105 24/11/17 - Steve Bailey, Bristol, UK
Good fun remembering what we used to do!
3501 1222 21/11/17 - Malc Anderson
Pointed to this site when looking for info re placement of signals for model railway layout. So far has answered my queries..excellent.

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