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400 0258 28/9/99 - Don Miller, Jr, Cape May City, NJ , USA
Having found your site by accident, I was pleasantly surprised to find both Winslow Jct.'s and Tuckahoe's towers included in a British rail website. Being the webmaster, employee of the Cape May Seashore Lines (which leases the Tuckahoe tower through a arrangement w/ NJ Transit, and a "railfan" of the Pennsylvania - Reading (pronounced like redding)Seashore Lines, I emailed Mike Brotzman on some corrections on the history of the towers. I'm glad Btritish railfans can see some of the old style "Interlocking" towers (what we call signal boxes). The CMSL does have plan to restore Tuckahoe to the way it was in its "hey day". By the way my personal home page URL is,
399 2058 22/9/99 - Philip A. Millard, Woking, Surrey
A really interesting and highly professional site, full of information.
398 2040 20/9/99 - Robert Neuhoff FITC, Bremerhaven, Germany - Email:
I am a German signalman. I am study privatley the UK signal system. This are very helpful sides. Is here any signalman from the UK, please contact me.
397 0230 20/9/99 - Ken Smith, Chico, California, USA
A good site, which I have bookmarked and will revisit. Had a go at the SB anagram quiz, but am almost certainly too late or have made some errors, possibly both. Any chance of your doing signalling diagrams on your site?
396 2015 19/9/99 - Ian Stemp, Portsmouth, Hants
Many thanks for setting up a site like this, It allows people like me to read about signalling.
395 1758 19/9/99 - Dennis Lister, Grimsby, Lincs
Just dropped by for a good browse
394 0337 19/9/99 - William Chree, Inverness, Inverness-shire
An excellent site the pictures of Achnasheen are gems. I don't know as to the fate of the Nairn bicycle system as the ABERDEEN INVERNESS line is to be radio blocked as part of railtracks refurbishments.
393 0037 17/9/99 - John England, Weston-super-Mare, Somerset
A new site found via the SeMG and very good it seems too, thanks
392 2119 14/9/99 - Terry Tracey, Preston, Lancs
I think it a great web site from one who loves manual signaling. I am very interested in the former SECR lines and also in the NW area and have lots of photos.
391 2038 13/9/99 - Steve Daly, Saffron Walden, Essex
So far I am finding the site quite interesting.
390 2043 8/9/99 - Keith Parkinson, Peterborough, Cambs
Very interesting site, well done. I shall definitely revisit. Especially found the sales/wants section of interest, as S&T leader for Nene Valley Rly, this could be of use. There is a growing need for S&T Managers of Heritage rlwys to have a common "exchange" forum. I am by profession (26 years) a practising professional railwayman, mainly S&T. Bye - sorry, 7-5-5!
389 2241 7/9/99 - Ian Coleby
Full of lots of info.
388 1241 6/9/99 - Robert Gray, Greenfield, Beds
Very interesting, especially some of the 'historic' photographs and information. Is useful in my day-to-day work as a signalling consultant.
387 1955 31/8/99 - Phil Wimbush, Uxbridge, Middx
Outstanding, I'll be visiting again for sure, very soon.
386 0305 31/8/99 - Michael Borden, San Francisco, CA, USA
Great site! My main interest in trains is track work and signals. thanks for the good info!
385 1711 30/8/99 - M. R. Clary, Troy, Texas, USA
384 1250 30/8/99 - Mick Wilkins, Newbury, Berks
Signing on again as I have changed my isp and e-mail address since my last visit a few weeks ago. The site just gets better and better - well done.
383 0754 29/8/99 - Allan Hendry, Cambus, Clackmannanshire
I was interested to see this signal box and to read information on it.
382 2055 28/8/99 - Steve Daly, Saffron Walden, Essex
A very interesting site - glad that I found it!
381 1739 28/8/99 - Euan MacKintosh, Keith, Banffshire
A very informative site. The mechanical signalbox is one of the last direct links to the steam age. I started my railway career at Insch, where the Great North of Scotland signalbox is still operational. As in Kennethmont featured it contains both Absolute and Tokenless Block instruments. Over the years I have also built up a collection of signalbox photographs, many of which alas are no longer with us. All the best with your future research.
380 0925 28/8/99 - Malcolm Chainey, Stocksfield, Northumberland
Very interesting. I commute on the Tyne Valley line which still has plenty of semaphore signals. There are places where this is an advantage (walkers crossing the line near Prudhoe can see whether a train is due). However, in this day and age, aren't they a bit dated?
379 1124 25/8/99 - Rod Mackay, Cardiff
Barry box - need cheering up, just lost ANOTHER wagonworks. (I was at Llandaff when Cathays and Powell Duffryn went.) "To lose one... may be considered a misfortune, but to lose (three) seems like carelessness!"
378 2218 24/8/99 - David McLellan, Mishawaka, Indiana. USA
377 1238 24/8/99 - Graham Hill, Brookwood, Surrey
376 1812 23/8/99 - Phil Pritchard, Neston, Cheshire
Signals Engineer, Llangollen Railway Have built a replica Cheshire Lines box at Deeside & done 4 signalling installations as well as Cheshire Lines frame locking and GWR Stud & Tappet locking.
375 1951 21/8/99 - Chris Higgin, Puddletown, Dorset
Ex booking boy/signalman Subway Junction, Old Oak Common East, Park Royal, Old Oak Common Loco, Western Region 1961-1974. Looks like an interesting site.
374 1716 21/8/99 - Alan Lee, Reading, Berks
(Train driver, Thames Trains) I loved the site, and I'll certainly be back!
373 0212 19/8/99 - Alan Mackenzie, London
Very interesting, I will visit again. I was looking for information about Balham box, also Kensal Green Junction.
372 0032 14/8/99 - Andrew Carr, Whitley Bay, Tyne and Wear
I have found your website very interesting, and I shall ceratinly return at a later date, to study it more
371 2238 13/8/99 - Ed Kowal, Buffalo, Erie County, New York State, USA
Very nice site. Easy to navigate. I liked the joke on the home page. Thorough. Very well done.
370 0944 10/8/99 - Chris Gordon, Melbourne, Australia
Very good site.
369 2152 9/8/99 - Geoff Williams, Talke, Staffs
368 1413 8/8/99 - Barry Keens, Perth, Australia
I enjoyed this trip as much as playing at the AMRA Exhibition. I will get you some info and photos of the WA signalling system. Can you give me the site for the Signal Guru in the UK who has done so many signal boxes there? I have details and photos of UK boxes he can have. Regards
367 0447 8/8/99 - Gary Peare, Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
Wonderful site!!! Believe it or not there are still some semaphores on a few of the old lines here. One such signal is on the B.C Southern railway following highway 11 between Abbotsford and Mission here on the west coast of Canada.
366 2236 4/8/99 - Claudio Bellon, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
Wow! What a site! Very informative. Truly a labor of love. I'll be back
365 2234 3/8/99 - Tony Sparks, Downham Market, Norfolk
(Director of Great Central Rly, Nottingham)Great site! We are developing lots of signalling at the Nottingham Transport Heritage Centre, and out on the main line down to Loughborough. Includes 100-plus lever frame in restored Neasden South GC box. Also GN somersaults in stock for later, and 5-doll gantry now erected.
364 2101 2/8/99 - Brian Porter, Basingstoke, Hants
A very interesting web site.Thoroughly enjoyable and instructive.
363 1850 31/7/99 - John Percival, Irchester, Northants
I will get the hang of the wonderful site eventually, many thanks.
362 1852 28/7/99 - Mick Wilkins, Newbury, Berks
Congratulations John on a brilliant site. I'm currently Relief Signalman Basingstoke Panel and sometimes cover Salisbury as well. Prior to late 1997 I was Relief Signalman Horsham so am I the first visitor to have actually worked Warnham?
361 1321 26/7/99 - Robert Kilrain, Darlington, Durham
A very enjoyable and informative site.
360 2150 27/7/99 - Paul Wilson, Coleford, Glos
DFR & SDR signalman. Very good site, keep it up.
359 1721 25/7/99 - Martin Balser, Frankfurt (Main), Germany
Excellent piece of work! Unfortunately ,we don't have such a great website about signalling in Germany, although we still have many interesting mechanical and electro-mechanical frames around here. Even with bells to call routes ...
358 0454 25/7/99 - Keith Hale, Inala, Brisbane, Australia
Hi from down under!
357 1733 23/7/99 - Martino Antonio, Cormons (GO), Italy
A very good site! Regards!
356 1015 23/7/99 - D.S. Parkes, Preston, Lancs
Great site. None better. Signed: A Signal Engineer.
355 1536 22/7/99 - Alastair Dussart, Canterbury, Kent
I love the site. It's very informative list of signalling and signal boxes throughout the ages. It's a very useful resource to those who are learning how to work signal boxes and a trip down memory lane for some of the older signalmen and women. I have been learning how to operate a signalbox and it has been a very entertaining experience.
354 2018 20/7/99 - Rob Ruutel, Wells, Somerset
Well, an absolutely smashing site. Keep up the good work! Here's one trainee signalman at Williton box on the West Somerset Railway who is going to learn a lot from this site...
353 1055 19/7/99 - Robert Thrower, Crewe, Cheshire
Great site, well laid out and factual. Great material for use during Train Driver Training which our company develops and delivers on behalf of many British Train Operators. Further information contact (01270) 252400.
352 2304 12/7/99 - Ian P. Lyman, Kettering, Northants
Just found your website - hoping to build one myself soon - dealing with British railway clocks.
351 2132 12/7/99 - David Mortimer, Bradford, West Yorks.
Great sight, duly added to favourites (sod the US spelling !). Will no doubt be back, FREQUENTLY

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