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50 2159 22/5/98 - Rob Emmerson, Melbourne, Australia
Terrific Site - Keep up the good work. As a member & volunteer of Puffing Billy here in Australia, and being a bit of a signalling buff, it is good to see info on mechanical signal boxes on the net.
49 2159 22/5/98 - C.J.Tyler, Stapleford, Notts
48 2112 21/5/98 - Charlie Beatson, Portland, Oregon, USA - Email:
What a delight to come across this site. I have been missing a readily available source of information on signalling topics since leaving the UK. I love the variety of subjects covered and particularly enjoyed the 'railway' stories. I hope this site develops into a 'melting pot' of many sources of information concerning signalling and signalmen. Charlie Beatson - former Signalman BR Western Region (Westbury area and Newton Abbot West) - now Trainman on Union Pacific Railroad (nothing changes!!) If anyone wants to communicate my email address is here.
47 2026 21/5/98 - Paul Stevenson, Huddersfield, West Yorks
Nice box! You've got a bit of a droop on your outer home. Must be the weather.
46 1031 19/5/98 - Andrew Frodsham, York, North Yorks
Looks great - I can see I'm going to spend too much time here!
45 0804 18/5/98 - Jim Parker, Rockingham, Western Australia
-2-found you from the siam web page. Great site! I have two McKenzie & Holland points levers I am restoring to working condition in my back garden! Congratulations again on a informative site.-2-1
44 2148 17/5/98 - Lewis Bevan, Northampton, Northants
Very interesting site. I photograph boxes when I can, so would be interested to see lists of surviving boxes in various areas
43 1827 17/5/98 - Mike Quinlan, St.Austell, Cornwall
Nice site. Its good to see sites and links to others. I am an Instructor in railway signalling currently with AMEY Railways. I used to work with the College of Railway Technology at their Crewe School.
42 0015 17/5/98 - David Donald, Springwood, Australia
An interest in signalling
41 1701 16/5/98 - Kevin Richards, Caerphilly, Glam
Great site, just what I wanted to do but never found the time! Nice to see shots of my old box Ystrad Mynach Sth (I was RDR there '92/'95) Keep up the good work, Kevin Richards - 5:02 pm
40 1105 16/5/98 - Derek Mulvana, Hull (at Present), Yorks
Just to say Hello, enjoyed the website. I don't work on the railways, but would love to - either driving or Signalling. I`ll keep sending the letters. Cheers
39 0250 15/5/98 - Stan Patchet, Carlsbad, New Mexico, USA
Great site! I'll spend a bit of time looking around. My interest is mainly the 1900-1920 period when lots of changes were taking place. I'll keep in touch...
38 2349 14/5/98 - Neil Rose, Wadhurst, East Sussex
Signalman KESR at Tenterden. Found this site by chance - good fun and informative
37 1633 10/5/98 - Tom Longworth, Beamsville, Canada
36 1627 9/5/98 - Jeremy Spillett, Faversham, Kent
I like the style of the home page. It is good to see here is sufficient interest in the subject to warrant a web site. I hop you get plenty of call attentions!
35 1505 9/5/98 - Geoff & Chris Tasker, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Great web site. good to see others out there interested in Railway Signalling. We are both active members of Puffing Billy Railway (Victoria, Australia) Signals & Telegraph Branch. We use the Train Staff & Ticket system of safe working, with a combination of Lower quadrant signals and Upper quadrant Auto. Signals. Crossing stations have plunger locking and some use is made of "Annett locking".
34 1009 9/5/98 - Olwyn Alexander, Edinburgh
Very impressed with all the gizmos!
33 2149 7/5/98 - Stephen Karlson, DeKalb, Illinois, USA
In case of any uncertainty the safe course is to be taken
32 2355 5/5/98 - Alan Jones, Nuneaton, Warwicks - Email:
I have just found your site by accident- I'm glad I did! Keep up the good works--if anybody would like to e-mail about signalling, train operation, and box diagrams I would love to hear from them.
31 1743 2/5/98 - Steve Davies, Llantwit Major, Vale of Glamorgan
I have about 500 photos of signal boxes in the UK, in my collection of about 28,000 negatives dating from 1916.
30 2114 29/4/98 - Rob Pearce, Banbury, Oxon
Nicely presented site without too many superfluous graphics so it downloads in reasonable time. Well done.
29 1050 29/4/98 - Kevin Snelling, Newport, South Wales
A signalman myself - at Little Mill panel box - near Pontypool South Wales. Nice site! Definitely a case of 7 beats, but 2-1 from me for now!
28 0150 29/4/98 - Steve Jones, London
27 2141 28/4/98 - Keith Barber, East Ham, London
Hi John Good to be back in touch - I've had little contact (except signalling list) since leaving BR. Like the look of this page
26 1506 27/4/98 - Russ Elliot, London
Excellent, but my old browser can't handle anything but your text only links.
25 1133 26/4/98 - Karen Noakes, New Malden, Surrey
Hi John, I like the web site, found it via the Branch Line News letter, which gives you a good write up
24 1319 24/4/98 - Eddie Oliver, Sydney, Australia
You have certainly made an excellent start to what will hopefully be a major reference facility. Keep up the good work!
23 2328 23/4/98 - Bill Oakes, Catterick Garrison, North Yorks
22 2256 23/4/98 - David A. Pritchard, Tutbury, Staffs
D.A. Pritchard (Tutbury) Detained at Down Home Signal - G.S Locker taught me all I know ??? I am going to have a look at Tutbury Crossing signal box tomorrow
21 1115 23/4/98 - Peter Kitcher, Edgeworth, Australia
Please accept a 3-3-3 bell code switching-in and what a welcome to site it is to see that a mechanical signal box has arrived on the web. Yes, I have bookmarked it and I will be passing it on to fellow signalman like myself. Well, shunting completed, 3-4-3 bell code switching-out and John, thankyou for taking the time and effort to bring the signalling of the past to the present via the web.
20 1314 22/4/98 - Dave Harrison, Edinburgh, Lothian
At last, some decent stuff on the web about mechanical signalling. The pages seem to take an awful long time to load sometimes though. Keep up the good work, pages like this are long overdue.
19 1138 22/4/98 - Dave Rowley, Stafford, Staffs.
Just found you from the Siam page and what a find!
18 1358 20/4/98 - Daryl Richardson, Woodstock, Georgia, USA
Nice site. I don't follow British railways or their signals much, however its nice to see this type of information provided on the web.
17 1212 20/4/98 - Howard Sprenger, Southampton, Hants
Nice site - I've bookmarked it for the future
16 1049 20/4/98 - Mike Wright, Linlithgow, West Lothian
Good, well thought out site.
15 0829 20/4/98 - Alan Johnston, Bromley, Kent
Well done, Mr. Hinson !!! Network North Thames comes into the 20th Century (just as it's ending!)
14 2341 19/4/98 - Andrew Waugh, Melbourne, Australia
An excellent site!
13 1027 19/4/98 - Colin Baker, Port Talbot, Glam
Detained at up home signal - and glad I was. Nice site you've put together here. A few people have asked 'Is there a signalling site ?' - now I can point them in the right direction.
12 1832 18/4/98 - Roy Tait, Hamilton, Lanarks
Great to see a signalling site. Thanks for all your effort, it is much appreciated. I'm off to have a look around so 16 bells (I think!) for now.
11 1711 18/4/98 - Chris, Oakham, Rutland
Superb! Most enjoyable.
10 1512 18/4/98 - Bob Wright, Merak, West Java, Indonesia.
At long last - a true site for traditional, mechanical (or otherwise) BR Signalling - and before the millennium too! From what you have put together so far, truly excellent. A 1-5-5 for a following 4-4-4 on this! This is what we all remember.
9 1935 17/4/98 - Peter Thompson
A very nice site with great potential, that is for folk like me who just love anything to do with signals and signal boxes.
8 0923 17/4/98 - Valerio, Pistoia, Pistoia, Italy
7 1333 16/4/98 - Clive Feather, Cambridge, Cambs
6 0028 15/4/98 - Steve Bradnum, Wellington, Som
Great idea. Thanks!
5 1828 15/4/98 - Gary Thornton, Northampton, Northants
Your site looks good. I'll come back and visit at regular intervals. Will add you to my links page too.
4 0906 13/4/98 - Tim Bourne, Tim Bourne, Herts
Nice site, John. I'll be visiting regularly to see what you've added.
3 2358 1/4/98 - Paul Marshall, Barnsley, South Yorks
I found your website via your reply to my query of last week - many thanks. This site is most intriguing and should prove very useful as it is developed. Best regards, Paul.
2 2106 30/3/98 - Russell Ashmore, Derby, Derbyshire
A really enjoyable site. All that's missing is the Signalbox Kettle! Nice to see British Mechanical Signalling On the net.
1 2030 21/3/98 - Dave Harris, Willington, Derbyshire
Keep up the Good Work, John. A decent site about signalling has been long overdue.

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