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Section C – Signalling Alterations

Edited by Nick Allsopp

Section C of the weekly railwayman’s notices details any alterations to signalling.

This section of the web site details major alterations to signalling from 1998 to long into the future.

Listed below are the ten most recently-added entries Рthese are not necessarily the most recent  alterations date-wise.

To view all items for a specific year, please follow the links below. Major alterations that span across more than one year are listed under the final year concerned.

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Recent additions



Derby PSB closed in two stages area controlled from East Midlands Regional Operations Centre at Derby.

Former West Panel area recontrolled to new Burton Workstation May 2015.

Former Centre and North Panels closed and area transferred to new Derby Workstation, extensive remodelling and resignalling os the station area, recontrol from Duffield to Stretton. September 2018.


Kirkby Summit

Kirkby Summit abolished, area controlled from new Mansfield Workstation in Derby EMCC.

March 2018


Rockliffe Hall, Holywell Junction, Mostyn, Talacre, Prestatyn, Rhyl and Abergele boxes closed, area controlled from South Wales Regional Operations Centre at Cardiff.



Aston SCC and Lichfield Trent Valley Junction to close.

**Work not progressed with, no firm date for abolition**


Allington Junction

Allington Junction signal box to be abolished, area to be controlled by East Midlands Regional Operations Centre at Derby.

Allington Junction remains in use with no current plans for abolition



Bardon Hill, Mantle Lane and Moira West Junction boxes to close, area to be controlled from East Midlands Regional Operations Centre at Derby.



Pitlochry box to close, area to be controlled from East Scotland Regional Operations Centre at Edinburgh.

Pitlochry box abolished March 2019 icw platform extension works, signalling now controlled from Stanley Junction



Uffington, Ketton, Manton Junction, Oakham Level Crossing, Langham Junction, Ashwell, Whissendine, Melton Station and Frisby boxes to be abolished. Area to be controlled from East Midlands Regional Operations Centre at Derby.

Plans now shelved with no firm date for abolition of boxes

28 November 2015


Bingham and Bottesford West Junction boxes abolished, area controlled from East Midlands Control Centre at Derby.



Saltley PSB to close, area to be controlled from West Midlands Regional Operations Centre at Saltley.

Final remaining panel closed after passage of last train at 0245, 5th November 2016. replaced by new Kings Norton Workstation.

If you have any information to add, please Telegraph the Signalman.who will ensure it is passed to the editor of this section.

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