Alterations 1999


Signalling alterations: 1999


Best Kept Signal Boxes

Great Rocks Junction declared as best-kept signalbox on Railtrack North West; Llanfair P, G. was the best gate-box. The best-kept panel box was Romily Junction and the runner up from all categories was Carnforth Station Junction.

30 October 1998
4 January 1999


Resignalling controlled from a new NX panel located at the country end of Guildford station. Controls the existing Guildford area (Worplesdon to Farnham, Effingham Junction to Guildford), existing Ash area (Blackwater to Ash) and also took over control of the existing signalling controlled from Shalford.

30/10/98 - Ash box closed

30/12/98 to 4/1/99 - Guildford and Shalford boxes closed

4 March 1999

Felixstowe branch

Felixstowe branch resignalled with SSI controlled from Colchester. Westerfield Junction (1912), Derby Road (1891), Trimley (1988 portakabin) and Felixstowe Beach (1971 hut) abolished.

28 March 1999


Baschurch abolished, intended to be "preserved" by the Cambrian Railway Society at Oswestry. Contained a now-rare GWR Stud frame, unrelocked. Illustrated in the Photo Gallery pages. Renewal of the box included the provision of a form of Track Circuit Block using axle-counters.

December 1998
May 1999


A new NX panel box at Cowlairs commissioned on Christmas Day 1998. "New" box is within old 1980 relay room.

25/12/98: Cowlairs (1956 panel) and Sighthill Junction (1886) boxes closed.

1/1/99: Cadder (1901) box closed.

1/5/99: Gartcosh Jcn (1899), Gartsherrie South Jcn(1903), Garnqueen North Jcn (19??), Greenfoot (18??), Cumbernauld (187?) boxes closed.

The scheme is part one of the ROSS project (Rationalisation of Signalling in Scotland). Stage 2 of the ROSS scheme would have entailed abolition of boxes in the Stirling area but this has been cancelled and these boxes are likely to have a life-expectancy of around ten years.

11 July 1999


The North Staffordshire Railway box at Leigh abolished. The last former North Staffs box with wheel operated gates was replaced by AHB's and Intermediate Block Signals worked with axle-counters. The box was to be "preserved" by the Churnet Valley Railway and reused at Consall, it however proved impossible to remove the box from the village as the roads are all too narrow. The former Clifton Station box was used at Consall instead.

10 October 1999

Worksop East

Worksop East gate box (former signal box)abolished.

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