Alterations 2000


Signalling alterations: 2000

December 1999

Athenry - Galway

Athenry - Galway (Ireland) to be resignalled. The mini-CTC scheme to abolish signalling on Iarnrod Eireann on the following sections:

Maynooth - Sligo
Athlone - Galway
Mallow - Tralee
Cherryville - Belview

has fallen so far behind time that European funding may be withdrawn. It was to have been completed in 1999 but little work has been carried out. Existing mechanical frames are being overhauled for an extended life. Work finally started on this scheme in December 1999. The pilot scheme at Knockcroghery has been completed, with the Galway line next to be done.

19 March 2000

Plumpton Junction

Plumpton Junction (Furness) - box closed on 19th March along with the branch line to the Glaxo chemical works. Ulverston box however restored to use (after being switched out for some years).

3 April 2000


Greetland (formerly Greetland No2) restored to use after many years of being switched-out. This is in connection with the introduction of a Halifax - Huddersfield passenger service which sees the reinstatement of the Dryclough Junction (worked from Halifax) to Greetland link, and also the reinstatement of the Bradley Junction to Bradley Wood Junction chord (controlled from Healey Mills).

9 April 2000


Seamer - West box closed and area transferred to a new panel at Seamer East. Until 5th November, refurbishment of Seamer East box took place the panel was housed in a temporary cabin behind the box. Seamer panel took over the area formerly controlled by Filey (closed 25th June 2000 along with Cayton gate box) and Hunmanby (closed 5th March 2001) The gate box at and Gristhorpe is also due to close in the near future.

10 April 2000


Resignalling at Nairn saw the abolition of Nairn East and Nairn West boxes with the installation of a "Westrace" interlocking to control the crossing loop from the station office. This was of course the last remaining Highland Railway installation with boxes at either end of the loop but with the instruments and control levers located in the station building. This also resulted in the abolition of the famed bicycle the signalmen use to cycle between the boxes and the station building.

26 June 2000

Whitlingham Junction - Cromer

Whitlingham Junction - Cromer resignalled and controlled from Trowse Swing Bridge (TB) which has been elevated to signal box status. Whitlingham Junction, Wroxham, North Walsham and Cromer closed. Axle-counters in extensive use.

August 2000


Euston power box closed, after final part of layout transferred to new panel box at Wembley Main Line which was built in September 1999 and opened on 9th July 2000. This box is regarded as "temporary" with a view to transferring control to the Network Management Centre at a later date.

3 December 2000

Clonsilla - Maynooth (Iarnrod Eireann)

Doubling Clonsilla - Maynooth has taken place leading to the end of the mechanical signalboxes at these locations - although Clonsilla remains temporarily as a gate box pending installation of lifting barriers. Remodelling of Heuston station is also to take place but has been delayed by changes to the plan.

8 December 2000
18 December 2000


Resignalling on the Liverpool section of the WCML saw the opening of a new NX panel box at Ditton, leading to the closure of Ditton No.1 and Ditton No.2. Eventually this will also result in the closure of Halton Junction, Runcorn, Speke Junction and Allerton Junction.

24 December 2000


Willesden and Acton Lane Sidings closed and layout controlled by Wembley Main Line.

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