Alterations 2002


Signalling alterations: 2002


Angerstein branch

Angerstein Resignalling straight resignalling to SSI. Controllled, as previously, from London Bridge.

11 January 2002


In connection with the Sunderland extension of the Tyne & Wear Metro, Boldon Colliery, East Boldon, Monkwearmouth and Sunderland signal boxes closed with control passing to the Sunderland workstation in Tyneside I.E.C.C. Ryhope Grange retained as fringe box.

14 January 2002


Seaford closed having being switched out for many years, and falling into a very poor state of disrepair after suffering gale damage. Branch now controlled from Newhaven Harbour.

January 2001
28 July 2002


January 2001 saw the first stage in the closure of Leeds PSB with commencement of the "Leeds 2000" remodelling/resignalling scheme. Control passed to new workstations in an extended York IECC.

On 19th August 2001 the Leeds - Bradford - Ilkley - Hellifield lines (Leeds North West area) were transferred to York (Hellifield remains as a fringe box) leaving only the Ardsley/Wakefield Westgate area controlled from Leeds.

Final closure of Leeds occurred over the weekend of 16th June 2002 when the remaining area was transferred to York.

Church Fenton and Stourton signalboxes have also closed, the former succumbing on 21st April 2002 with the latter following on 28th July 2002.

August 2002

Heuston, Dublin (Iarnród Éireann)

Heuston, Dublin (Iarnród Éireann) closed in late August. The unusual miniature lever frame has been taken out and it is intended to put it on permanent display behind glass at Heuston Station.

11 September 2002

Settle & Carlisle line

Midland Rotary Block Instruments removed from Settle Junction, Blea Moor and Garsdale boxes, being replaced by LMR Standard block instruments. This was the last area on Railtrack to use M.R. rotaries.

December 2002

Wellington (Salop)

Resignalling at Wellington has seen the closure of Wellington No.2, the last remaining box in the area. Control has passed to a 'WestCad' workstation installed in Madeley Junction.

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