Alterations 2003


Signalling alterations: 2003

October 2002

Thorpe Culvert

Due to increasing deterioration of the signal box structure Thorpe Culvert will need to be demolished and replaced. English Heritage have asked that a replica G.N.R. box be constructed. In the interim the signalling and level crossing gates will be replaced by modern equipment controlled from a small panel.

20/10/02: New colour light signals and new barrier crossing were commissioned, controlled from small panel in existing SB.

8-9/02/03: Panel moved into new temporary signal box (Portakabin on top of relay room). Original Signal Box to be demolished over the following weekend to make way for construction of the replica.

26 May 2001
28 November 2003

Hackney Downs - Bishops Stortford

Hackney Downs SB closed over the weekend of 25/28th May with the area coming under the control of Liverpool Street IECC (using S.S.I. technology). This is Stage 1 of the West Anglia Route Modernisation ("WARM") which will see Liverpool Street eventually linking up with Cambridge PSB. Many "searchlight" colour light signals to be abolished under this scheme.

Stage 2 resulted in the abolition of Seven Sisters and Enfield Town boxes and took place over the weekend of 24/25 November 2001.

Stage 3 (due in June 2002) will result in the abolition of Highams Park (gate box) and Chingford. Brimsdown will follow in August 2002.

Cheshunt Junction, Broxbourne, Roydon, St.Margarets, Ware and Hertford East are due to close on May 27th 2003 whilst Harlow Mill, Spelbrook and Bishops Stortford will close in the final stage in November 2003.

15 December 2003

Bournemouth Area Resignalling

The opening of the Bournemouth Area Signalling Centre has resulted in the closure of the existing boxes at Bournemouth and Branksome. Control of all the signalling between New Milton and Parkestone has passed to the new Signalling Centre which has a Siemens SIMIS W computer based interlocking using axle counters instead of track circuits.

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