Alterations 2006


Signalling alterations: 2006

January 14 January 2006

Wennington Junction

The Midland Railway signal box at Wennington Junction, the only remaining box between Settle Junction and Carnforth has been abolished. It had previously been switched out for many years and was last manned regularly until May 12th 1988 when the resident signalman retired.

This leaves a tewnty-four mile long block section from Settle junction to Carnforth Station Junction.

11 March 2006

Sandbach and Wilmsow

The PSB's at Sandbach and Wilmslow have closed with the area controlled from the existing Manchester South SCC located at Stockport Edgeley Junction.

Ansaldo control system is in use.

Due to 'compatability issues' with the new system the line remains closed with a projected handback date in 'early June'.

May 22 May 2006

Mouldsworth Junction

The CLC box at Mouldsworth Junction has closed with control of the equipment in the area passing to Mickle Trafford where it will henceforth be worked from the existing lever frame there.

Tokenless Block working has been replaced by TCB with axle counters.

28 July 2006

Nuneaton - Wigston

Resignalling between Nuneaton and Wigston, has resulted in the closure of the ex LNWR boxes at Hinckley & Narborough.

The route will is now controlled from a new "Westcad" installation in the existing refurbished Croft Sidings box - renamed Croft,which works to the PSB's at Leicester and Nuneaton. TCB is used throughout.

18 April 2006
29 August 2006

Ferrybridge & Knottingley

In April the BR NER box at Ferrybridge was abolished and area controlled from a new panel box, also sited at Ferrybridge.

At the end of August, the box at Knottingley was also abolished and the area worked from the new Ferrybridge panel.

14 October 2006
23 October 2006

Codsall & Cosford

An extension of the Westcad system in Madeley Junction has seen the abolition of Codsall, Cosford and Lightmoor Junction boxes - Lightmoor being the sole surviving box on the branch to Ironbridge Power Station.

Madeley Junction has had all semaphore signalling and the lever frame removed, all equipment is now worked from the Westcad system.

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