Alterations 2007


Signalling alterations: 2007


Wakefield Kirkgate & Oakenshaw

The 1982 'temporary' box at Wakefield Kirkgate to be replaced by a new panel box.

At a later date, the former MR box at Oakenshaw will be abolished and the area controlled from the new Kirkgate panel.

February 2007

Portsmouth and Havant resignalling.

Resignalling and track remodelling controlled from a new signalling centre at Havant will see the abolition of the 1968 built Portsmouth PSB and the somewhat older 1876 vintage Saxby & Farmer box at Havant.

The timescale has however slipped, full commissioning has be deferred until December 2007... As an interim measure, astonishingly the 1946 box at Portsmouth Harbour has been reopened after closing in 1968 and works Absolute Block to Portsmouth PSB at Fratton.

18 March 2007

Hademore Crossing

The small London & North Western Railway box at Hademore Crossing on the Trent Valley line closed at 13:44hrs. The level crossing was abolished over Christmas 2006 following the provision of a new bridge and diversion of the road. The existing signals are now supervised by Lichfield Trent Valley No1 which now works TCB to Tamworth Low Level

August 24 August 2007

Coventry Resignalling.

Resignalling of the Coventry area over August bank Holiday 2007 has seen the abolition of the 1962 built BR LMR CoventryPSB.

The new signalling is controlled from the former WCRTCC at Saltley which will ultimately become the West Midlands Signalling Centre and will progressively as its name suggests signal the whole of the west Midlands. 38 boxes will close under this project.

Coundon Road, Three Spires Junction and Hawkesbury Lane boxes on the Nuneaton Line are not closing just yet but will be abolished when Rigby SCC takes over the Nuneaton area in 2009.

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