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Signalman at workSECTION C

Recent and forthcoming signalling alterations

Compiled by Nick Allsopp, Chris Bellett and John Hinson

Section C of the railwayman's special notices details alterations to signalling that take place. This section of the web site does the same, and covers significant alterations to signalling - past, present and future. The scope covers signal box closures, changes to methods of working and any other matters that are of interest. The records go back to the introduction of these pages in 1998.

You are currently viewing the page showing alterations for 2004. To view details for another year, just make a selection from the dates below.

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Note that where the period of an item covers more than a year (e.g. a major resignalling project), it will be listed on the page for the final year concerned. That year may be well into the future, even though some parts may have already been completed. You may have to do a little hunting to find such an item.

Network Rail have published an evolving list of planned dates for resignalling. Currently, the only mechanical signal boxes without a formal abolition plan and proposed date are Reedham Swing Bridge and Somerleyton Swing Bridge and these could survive to be the last mechanical boxes in the country.

New indicates entries that have been added or updated within the last week.

This section is managed by Nick Allsopp, who would be pleased to receive any additional information for these pages.



August 2000

Edgeley Jct No1, No2, Stockport No1, No2, Heaton Norris Jct, Cheadle Hulme, Wilmslow, Sandbach and Macclesfield to close and be replaced by a new Ansaldo computer based system, located at Edgeley but named Manchester South which will be built adjacent to Edgeley No2 box. Ultimately this may be controlled from a Network Management Centre at Manchester.
The first stage took place over the weekend of 27th August 2000 with temporary panel housed in a Portakabin situated opposite and replacing the existing box at Cheadle Hulme, to enable the junction to be remodelled.
Manchester South SCC (MSSCC) finally opened over the weekend of March 29th 2003, initially replacing the temporary box at Cheadle Hulme.
After something of a 'rethink' in policy, the remaining five Stockport signalboxes were refurbished with much of the trackwork being renewed/reinstated 'like-for-like'. The Stockport boxes reopened in their refurbished state from 3rd September 2005, these five along with Macclesfield are to remain for a further ten or so years, attention switching to the abolition of Sandbach and Wilmslow which will be worked from a conventional NX panel in MSSCC.

19 January 2004

Church Stretton
Church Stretton box abolished after being 'switched out' for some time. Block section now Dorrington - Marshbrook.

4 May 2004

Banbury - Leamington
Cherwell Valley Resignalling - The closure of Fenny Compton signal box (00.35hrs, 1st May 2004)has resulted in a resignalled area between Banbury North and Leamington Spa controlled from a new "WESTCAD" installation in the existing Leamington Spa PSB. The existing NX panel in Leamington Spa has also been replaced by the WESTCAD.
Phase 2 of the scheme which will see the closure of Banbury North and Banbury South is still in the planning stage.

June 2004

Stafford - Crewe
Resignalling of the Stafford - Crewe section of the WCML area has resulted in the closure of Norton Bridge, Madeley and Betley Road. Control has passed to a new workstation in Stoke-on-Trent S.C.C.
Madeley box and associated equipment has been donated to the Chasewater Railway for use on their line.

September 2004

Bedford - Bletchley
Bedford - Bletchley line has been resignalled and is now controlled from a new Signalling Centre at Ridgmont, which will be named Marston Vale. This has lead to the closure of all signal boxes (Bedford St Johns, Forders Sidings, Millbrook Station, Ridgmont, Woburn Sands and Fenny Stratford) and the modernisation of all other manned level crossings on the route.

October 2004

Wigan Wallgate
Remodelling and renewal of the layout at Wigan Wallgate has seen the renewal of all signalling in the area, and replacement of the lever frame with an NX panel.

February 2003
November 2004

Appleby (Lincs)
Commencing W/E 15th February - Refurbishment of the signalling at Appleby (Lincs) has resulted in the removal of the wheel-worked level crossing gates and their replacement by full lifting barriers - commissioned 24th February. The lever frame is also to be superseded by a small panel.
Initially the area is to be controlled from a temporary SB allowing the existing box to be refurbished. When work is complete the panel will be transferred to the old SB.
Similar work has now taken place at neighbouring Elsham with the new lifting barriers being commissioned 3rd March.
The signallers (signalmen...) were finally moved back into the erefurbished boxes at both locations in November 2005.

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Thankyou to those who have already assisted with this section, including Forbes Alexander, John Armistead, Steve Gwinnett, Anthony Jones, Simon Lowe, John McCrickard, Frank Nicholas, Richard Putley, Adrian Webb and Nick Wellington, along with many others not named here (whether by accident or design).

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