Cheshire Lines Committee Signals

Chester South Junction platform starting signalHome signal

This signal once stood at the end of one of the platforms of Chester Northgate station, controlled fromChester South Junction box.

The signal seems typical of CLC construction and many signals of this type were once in use. It is thought that, like other equipment, the Cheshire Lines Committee manufactured the components in their own workshops at Warrington.

An occasional variation of this type could be found with the arm and spectacle effectively turned over to creat an upper quadrant signal. It is thought that this was not so much a form of "modernisation" as a means to improve signal sighting in specific situations. I believe that at one location a combination of the two could be found!

Photograph by Dr J W F Scrimgeour, 3/6/66

Dam Lane Junction home signalJunction signal

This grand bracket signal controlled the junction at Dam Lane Junction, Glazebrook, and carried a pair of home arms with a corresponding pair of distant arms below.

The junction, just beyond the bridge, formed part of a triangular junction with Glazebrook West Junction and Glazebrook Moss Junction boxes.

Photograph by Dr J W F Scrimgeour, 3/9/56

Knutsford East Up Line to Sidings signalSubsidiary signal

This is a miniature arm signal, as it read into the sidings. Originally, the post bore two arms - reading to different parts of the sidings; both were slotted by a ground frame originally working these connections.

The signal bears a white diamond sign, indicating that the driver of a train detained at it need not immediately apply Rule 55 and proceed to the signal box to remind the signalman of his presence. This exemption is given as there is a track circuit which will electrically lock the necessary signals in the signal box.

The brickwork of the bridge behind the signal arm has been painted white to improve the visibility of the signal.

More details and a view of the entire signal will be found in the Photo Gallery Page covering Knutsford East.