Great Central Railway Signals

Power-operated home signal

This splendid specimen is actually rather unusual, for it is worked by pneumatic power. It was controlled from Hyde Junction as the Down Branch outer Home signal. Hyde Junction was a power installation of 1907, and this signal was installed at this time. The air piston that works the arm is visible, level with the lampman's platform.

An outer home is an additional home signal to provide the 440 yards clearing point for the signalman before reaching the "inner home" which protects the points at a signal box. In this instance, the inner home protected the junction points, allowing acceptance of trains from Hyde Central whilst trains were passing on the main line. The signal also served a purpose by protecting trains whilst standing at the platform of Hyde North station, the ramp of which is just visible here.

This signal remained in use up to the closure of Hyde Junction box around 1989.

More details and a view of the entire signal will be found in the Photo Gallery Page covering Hyde Junction.

GCR stop signal at Hyde Junction