London Brighton & South Coast Railway

LB&SCR shunting signal at Norwood Junction

LB&SCR ringed shunting signal

This signal was photographed one misty morning out of a passing train in desperation, as it was the last LB&SC lower quadrant in use.

Although little detail is visible in this picture, the arm is mounted on a concrete post and carries a smaller than standard arm fitted with a black-painted ring to signify it is a Siding Signal.

This type of signal became obsolete with the introduction of the British railways Rule Book in 1950, but that didn't put this survivor off. It was still carrying out its duties in the 1970's alongside the main line at Norwood Junction and may well have survived until the resignalling of the area in 1984.

The weather had improved a little by my return journey on the same day. This rear view shows the make-up of the signal better. The wooden arm is showing signs of old age with the splitting of the timber, and the lamp is missing. What clearly ensured its long life, though, was the use of concrete in the construction of the post.

The signal was not controlled by a signal box, but from a ground lever, under the control of the shunting staff. The signal contrasted sharply with the main line signalling which had been Colour Light since 1954.

LB&SCR lower quadrant signal