London & South Western Railway Signals

LB&SCR lower quadrant signal

LSWR Lower Quadrant signal

This signal appears to be of London & South Western origin but is actually on London, Brighton & South Coast territory. This suggests that it may have been installed post-1923 in Southern Railway days. The Southern used this type on all of their lines until the introduction of upper quadrant arms.

The LSWR was loyal to Stevens & Sons as a signalling contractor, and this small signal demonstrates typical features of their products in the form of the lattice post (strong but both light and not resistant to wind) and the parachute finial.

This example has a shield to preven sunlight shining through and giving a false green light to mislead drivers.

The signal was to be found at Mitcham, on which more details may be found in the Photo Gallery.


Additional notes by Gavin Bennett and Martin Shaw