Telegraph The Signalman

Telegraph the Signalman

In the old days the only way signalmen could converse with each other was by telegraph instrument, although by the 1940s most had telephones installed.

It is a bit easier here – if you want to contact the Signalman (the webmaster of this site) just complete and submit the form below. But please read the following before you do.

If you have a general enquiry about signalling, please do so on The Blower. This part of the web site has been introduced specifically for that purpose, and will open your questions to a wider audience. I am sorry but the quantity of enquires I have been receiving have swamped me.

If you are reporting a problem with the operation of the web site, please check the “About This Web Site” section of The Blower first, as the answer may be there.

If you are discussing a specific page of the site, please be extremely clear which one you are referring to. The URL of the last page you visited was:

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