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The Blower

At quiet moments, signalmen often got “On the Blower”. This was usually an omnibus telephone system which could be communally used by all signal boxes along a section of line. Talk would be about all sorts of things, including Rules and Regulations.

This discussion area is perhaps the 21st century equivalent

The Rules

We have a small set of “rules” that apply here. To improve your view of this page, these have now been moved to a “sticky” topic in each forum. Please take a moment to glance over them.

You will be invited to register as a member of this site before you can post a message.

If you are logged in, a red signal indicates unread (“un-red”?) posts.

Important information

Commencing Monday 15th June, and until further notice, the engineers will be taking parts or all of The Blower into possession for essential repairs. During this period some features or occasionally all of The Blower may be unavailable.

Work completed 26/6/20

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