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    John WebbJohn Webb

    Warmest Congratulations to John Hinson for the new site build, and particularly for the return of “The Blower”, much missed for the last few years.

    Hope all the posts on here are good ones.

    John Webb

    The SignalmanThe Signalman

    Thanks for the kind words, John – and good to have you with us.


    Fast Line FloydFast Line Floyd

    Hear hear to that John W.


    Hi John,

    Great to see the site back online, thanks for all the hard work that must have gone into it.

    Book yourself 12hr Rest Day!



    Great to see it back John a big 5-5-5.


    5-5-5 from this neck of the woods too… cold turkey from the blower is not very nice so it’s good to be back. Many thanks to THE Signalman for commissioning the new ‘box.

    Inspector BogginsInspector Boggins

    Good to see you, Keith!


    Many thanks for all the work in getting the respected signalbox.org back in business John.

    AvatarMike Hodgson

    Absolutely delighted to see the return of this site, 5-5-5 from Cambridge Junction.

    I much appreciate the effort that has obviously gone into it already. The site does have a mode up to date feel about it, but I am glad to see you have retained features such as the delightful cartoon of the three Victorian gentlemen standing on one another’s shoulders!


    Hear, hear from me too!

    But – a question please 🙂 Is there any way to lose/shrink the menu down the LH side of the screen, so that the Blower messages take up the full width please?

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    The SignalmanThe Signalman

    A good question – but I’m not yet sure of the best answer. The web site uses a template system so it may or may not be physically possible, and I would also need to think deeply as to whether it would be wise to remove navigation links.

    But the first question has to be to ask what screen size you are viewing on, because the pages are supposed be perfectly readable on all kinds of sizes and devices. If you could let me know that I will certainly look into it.

    Best regards,


    Graham MaxtoneGraham Maxtone

    My grateful thanks to The Signalman for the return of The Blower.

    I’m delighted to see it back in action, better tell my contacts!

    Kind Regards,

    Martin ShawMartin Shaw

    Hi John
    Good to see you and the site back, it was definitely one of the enjoyable things on the internet that I missed.

    Alan NorrisAlan Norris

    I hadn’t realised The Blower had returned until I came across a posting on Facebook! Thanks for bringing it back, John H!

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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