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    Please note that posting images and links currently puts your message aside for approval by a moderator – the means of controlling this rather draconian procedure is still being looked into.

    It is recommended that you always use “Visual” mode when creating your posts, using “Text” mode requires knowledge of HTML (Hypertext Mark Up Language) and makes unnecessary work. The Blower does not use the old-fashioned BBcode language.

    Instructions here apply to PCs running the Windows operating system, but similar features exist in other operating systems and on other devices.

    Notes for those not familiar with the term URL and file types

    URL stands for Universal Resource Locator and is the unique identity of a web page or image on the internet. It is found in the “address bar” at the top of your web browser, starting with http:// or https:// . (On some modern browsers, that first part is hidden until you click the mouse in the address bar a couple of times).

    URLs for images always end with the suffix .jpg, .gif or .png – the .jpg suffix is the usual one for photographs.

    A URL ending in any other code is a web page (which may contain one or more images) but not a image in its own right. It is important that you appreciate the difference when applying the following paragraphs.

    How to Post Images

    You can post an image in your message by simply copying and pasting the URL of the image into the message when in “Visual” editing mode. Here is an example of a very small image – my avatar – displayed in this way.

    Photo: John Hinson

    Always credit the owner of the photograph immediately beneath it.

    Please remember our rules require you to have the legal right to publish the photograph. If you do not, please just link to the web page where it is to be found (see next section).

    Large images will automatically resize to fit the forum page size when displayed, so using an enormous-size file is pointless. Recommended maximum size is 800 pixels at the largest dimension. Huge files simply slow loading time for those viewing your picture, especially on slow connections.

    If the image concerned is on your local computer and not on the web, you need to upload it to the internet for others to view it. There are many image hosting services available (your preferred search engine will find them with ease). Some of the well-known ones will not let you link directly to the image, though, insisting you link to their page so that they benefit from advertising revenue etc – which is of course their right but not always convenient for your needs.

    By chance I found a simple to use free service which I have no particular reason to recommend, but it seems simple, fast and efficient. It is called Postimage and is found at . You are not required to open an account, and you can set a duration time for the image to be displayed if you wish. It also allows you to resize the image. Having uploaded the file (which takes just moments), just copy the “Direct Link” URL into your message.

    How to Post Links to Web Pages

    If you want to link to a web page (on this site or elsewhere), just copy the URL of the web page into your message when in “Visual” editing mode and it will appear like the link in the above paragraph.

    Advanced Features

    If you want to use advanced features in your image or web page links, you can use the icons in the bar across the top of the editor. The icon that looks like a piece of toilet chain is for links, and the one that looks like a holiday postcard is for images.

    As an example, I have set the link to Postimages link above to open in a new tab or window, so that you don’t find you have lost this page.



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Home Signal The Blower About this web site How to include images and links in The Blower

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